Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to the official blog. My name is Espo Bilo and I am an architecture student, photographer and fashion enthusiast. I will be working on this blog with a group of friends, one of them being Lucia Lolita from happens to be a fashion design & technology student/blogger. She’s been blogging for nearly two years and has a lot styling tricks up her sleeve as well as D.I.Y to share with you.Having had some experiences in modelling and as art student she loves nothing more then being creative.

We’ve decided to work on a collaborative project after finding a room of improvement in current fashion networks. This project will serve as a community for all fashion lovers to share their ideas,hopefully inspire others and create a following. The site will be available once completed, please check out the link if you would like to know more once we launch. This blog will provide updates to the project whilst focusing on other fashion related inspirations.

The content posted on this blog will feature weekly fashion shoots (ootd)< outfit of the day.. from blogger around the world, street style as well as blogger interviews,reviews and other wonderful inspirations gathered from across the web. We will also share/feature interesting looks and links of fashion bloggers/designer/photographer/models such as yourself on our facebook page and other social sites.

Feel free to comment and feedback/criticise anything, do follow us for more.all images posted will be linked back to source when possible. 

Love, Espo

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